Commercial Envelopes

Business and personal correspondence usually are placed in commercial envelopes; items mailed in these include invoices, checks, writing stationery, direct marketing materials and letterheads. There are a variety of commercial envelope sizes; they range from 3 1/2-by-6 inches to 5-by-11 1/2 inches.

Announcement Envelopes

Announcement envelopes are used for greeting cards, brochures, promotional materials, invitations, announcements or small booklets. You can find announcement envelopes that range from 4 3/8-by-5 3/4 to 6 1/4-by-9 5/8 inches. Additionally, manufacturers make announcement envelopes in a slim version that measures 3 7/8-by-8 7/8 inches.

Baronial Envelopes

A baronial envelope has a shape closer to a square than a rectangle. Typically, people opt for baronial envelopes when preparing invitations. You can find seven different sizes ranging from the No. 2 envelope that measures 3 3/16-by-4 1/4 inches to the No. 6 envelope that measures 5-by-6 inches.

Booklet Envelopes

Catalogs, folders and presentation materials are placed in booklet envelopes. Booklets envelopes in the United States come in 10 different sizes ranging from 4 3/4-by-6 1/2 inches to 10-by-13 inches.

Catalog Envelopes

Manufacturers make catalog envelopes in a variety of styles. Some envelopes close with adhesive or a metal clasp. Catalog envelopes are available in 14 different sizes. You can obtain catalog envelopes ranging from 6-by-9 inches to 11 1/2-by-14 1/2 inches.

Window Envelopes

People receive bills in window envelopes; promotional materials may also come in a window envelope. These types of envelopes are not as secure as commercial envelopes, since the clear flimsy plastic covers the window. Additionally, there is no need to address the envelope because the name and address appears through the window. Some envelopes even have two windows allotting space to display the sender’s address.